Introduction of Snap Button Pull Tester
March 05 , 2021

The assessment of snap attachment strength is an important criterion especially in the design and manufacturer of garments for infants’ and childrenwear. The measurement of an uniform force applied to the snap attachment shall be recorded by means of a force-measuring device. (in this case an Imada Push/Pull Scale is utilized). Once the appropriate force is registered on the Imada Scale, a stopclock is used for recording a set period of time.

Unlike others, our tester is professionally manufactured to test all garment/soft toys accessories not just snaps and button. In addition, designed through consultation with sophisticated users in their fields and leading labs (e.g., Intertek, & BV…), it can tackle with the following two key problems that the current testers cannot do so.

1st, There are no effective grip can be positioned underneath the snap or small parts, and force can be applied appropriately so as to not to affect either the structural integrity of the snap/small parts or to the fabric attached with snap/small parts. It is especially the case that if thin fabric is used, it is very hard to clamp into it without damage the fabric.

2nd, There is no constant force applied to clamp the fabric attached with snap/small parts. Therefore, force is overloaded that often happens to clamp into thick fabric. Usually, it causes damage to the fabric and affects the result from time to time.

Most importantly, the key advantages of our new tester are to avoid clamping failure & to increase test repeatability.

Remark: In compliance to GAP, Inc., the instruments supplied should complies to the GIC standards in accordance with sampling techniques specified to Military Standard 105E, Special Inspection Level S-4, using an AQL Level of 1.0.

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