Operating specifications of Stroller Dynamic Durability Tester
November 30 , 2020

Stroller Dynamic Durability Tester is suitable for simulating the durability of baby strollers in actual road conditions.

1. Prepare test piece

Sample preparation:

  • The baby stroller sample used for testing should be a finished baby stroller assembled according to the technical requirements of the factory
  • The assembled baby stroller used for testing should be a stroller that meets the factory quality requirements
  • The stroller used for testing must not have any quality defects
  • The baby stroller used for testing can be used for testing after being placed in a room temperature environment for more than one week

2. Steps

1) Matters to be confirmed before operation:

  • Confirm whether the power supply meets the requirements
  • Whether the conveyor belt is in the middle of the roller
  • Confirm that the speed adjustment knob is turned counterclockwise to the stop

2) Install and fix the test piece

  • Place the baby stroller in the middle of the belt on the test bench, the front and rear wheels are parallel to the belt running direction and consistent with the belt running direction
  • Adjust the height of the crossbar behind the fixture according to the height of the sample handle, and fix the stroller handle on the fixture. Different fixing methods can be selected according to different handle types (as shown below)
  • After installing the stroller, stick the four rings on the crossbar in pairs on both sides of the fixture and fix them.

3) Start testing

  • Turn on the power switch, the screen displays the boot page, click the graphic in the center of the screen to enter the test page.

Boot page

Test page

  • Click the number behind the PV value, enter the value in the pop-up input box and press ENTER to set the number of tests or time according to the standard.

Note: If you only need to test the number of times, you can set the number of times and set the time to 0h0m.

If you only need to perform a time test, you can set the time and set the number of times to 0h0m.

If both the number of times and the time are set, the set value that arrives first during the test shall prevail

  • Place and fix weight A (purchased separately) or weight B (purchased separately) on the sample
  • Press the key to reset the test value to zero for a new test.
  • Press the key to start the test, and turn the speed adjustment knob clockwise until the running speed shows about 5Km/h.
  • After the set value is reached, the instrument stops running, the test is completed, and the baby stroller test piece is removed.

4) Examination

Check whether there are safety problems in the stroller specimen after the test is completed.

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