Sample Preparation of Scorch & Sublimation Tester
June 26 , 2021

Prepare the sample of Scorch & Sublimation Tester

  • If the sample of Scorch & Sublimation Tester is textile, cut a undamaged and no defect sample of size 12cm×4cm
  • If the sample of Scorch And Sublimation Tester is yarn, weave them to a webgwebbing, and cut a sample of size 13cmx4cm, or twine the yarn on a 12cmx4cm thin inert material and get the test area.


  • If you the test sample had been done heat treatment or dry treatment, please put the test sample in the air of temperature 20±2℃,relative humidity 60±2% for 4 hours.
  • If the test is medium dry pressure or wet pressure, you should do the relevant humidifying, soak it in the distilled water to squeeze redundant moisture, make its moisture content is the same with its weight.

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