About the Random Tumble Pilling Tester
June 26 , 2023

The random tumbling pilling tester is a textile testing equipment used to determine the pilling resistance of woven or knitted fabrics. Pilling is the formation of small balls or pills on the surface of fabrics due to abrasion over time, which can affect the appearance and texture of the fabric.

The random tumbling pilling tester works by tumbling a fabric sample in a rotating chamber that contains abrasive elements such as cork chips or emery paper. Allow the samples to tumble for a period of time and then evaluate the amount of pilling that occurs.

The results obtained from a random tumble pilling tester can be used to assess the quality of fabrics and compare different types of fabrics. This tester is commonly used in the textile industry to ensure that fabrics are durable and able to withstand normal wear and tear.

Main features of the Fabric Random Tumble Tester:

1) The shell of the whole machine is sprayed with high temperature, which is not faded and durable.

2) The instrument adopts LCD Chinese display, the interface is simple and easy to understand, and the operation is convenient;

3) With door-opening detection, the door-opening motor stops automatically, making it safer to use the instrument.

4) One-button start, press the start button, the air source and the motor work at the same time; the experiment will stop automatically when the experiment is completed, and the buzzer will remind.

5) The rotating components adopt round belts and wheels, and the instrument runs smoothly with low noise.

Key Specification

1) Test chamber: 2 or 4;

2) Time counting: 1~999 minutes;

3) Drum specification: 146×152mm;

4) Specifications of cork lining: 452×146×1.5mm (L×W×H);

5) Stirring rod specification: L=121mm;

6) Speed: 1200r/min;

7) Chamber pressure: 14~21kPa (2~3psi);

8) Working voltage: AC220V/50HZ Power: 40W;

9) Dimensions: 480×400×680mm Weight: 80kg.

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