Hydrostatic Head Pressure Tester
October 05 , 2020

Hydrostatic Head Pressure Tester is used to measure the impermeability of various fabrics that have undergone water-repellent treatment, such as canvas, tarpaulin, tent cloth, rainproof clothing cloth and geotextile materials.

Hydrostatic Head Tester Main components

Hydrostatic Head Pressure Tester consists of a base, a pneumatic clamp, a touch screen control panel, a pressurizing device, an overflow pan, a sample chuck, an LED lighting device, and a water bead recording button.

The Japanese Panasonic servo motor and drive system are used. The microcomputer and servo control the water flow to ensure the accuracy of the pressurization rate. The pressurization rate range is wide and steplessly adjustable.

Principle of AATCC127 Hydrostatic Head Tester operation

The resistance encountered through the fabric is expressed by the hydrostatic pressure experienced by the fabric. Under standard atmospheric conditions, one side of the specimen is subjected to a continuously rising pressure until there are three water seepages, and the pressure at this time is recorded, and pressure can be applied from above or below the specimen.

The test results are directly related to the performance of the fabric after a short time or a little longer by water pressure.

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