Single Column Universal Tensile Strength Tester
November 20 , 2020

Universal Tensile Strength Tester (single column) has a wide range of uses. It can test various materials and shoe soles, tires, rubber tubes, triangular tapes, plastic sheets, plastic sheets, packaging films, acrylic, FRP, ABS, EVA, PV and other finished products by changing different fixtures. The tensile strength, elongation, tearing, adhesive force, tensile stress, peeling force, shear force, adhesive force of rubber and metal of semi-finished product or dumbbell-shaped test piece.


Single Column Strength Tensile Machine is an electronic display tensile testing machine. The motor drive screw is used to move the lower clamp downward, thus stretching the sample. The result is to use LOAD CELL power sensor to connect the digital display to display the force value.

Function Description:

  1. LOAD CELL power sensor: detects the power and transmits the power signal to the display, which is the most important of this machine.
  2. Stroke limit setting button: Automatic stop, when the lower clamp is walking here, the motor will stop automatically.
  3. Upper clamp connector: connect the upper clamp and the force sensor for the bridge function
  4. List machine: used to print the test results (including date, time, batch number, area, capacity, you can choose to print automatically).
  5. Horizontal adjustment foot: adjust the machine to level.

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