What are the factors affecting shrinkage?
June 01 , 2022

What is fabric shrinkage?

Fabric shrinkage refers to the percentage of fabric shrinkage after washing or soaking. Shrinkage is a phenomenon that the length or width of textiles changes after washing, dehydration and drying in a certain state

Synthetic fibers and blended textiles have the smallest shrinkage rate, by wool fabrics, linen fabrics, and cotton fabrics.

The shrinkage rate of fabrics can generally be divided into:

1. Natural shrinkage, natural shrinkage refers to the natural shrinkage of the fabric after ironing or after the fabric is relaxed in mass production;

2. Washing shrinkage, washing shrinkage refers to the shrinkage of the garment after washing.

Fabric shrinkage

What are the factors that affect the shrinkage rate?

  1. The raw material of the fabric is different, and the shrinkage rate is different. Generally speaking, fibers with high hygroscopicity will expand after soaking in water, their diameter will increase, and their length will shorten, and their shrinkage rate will be large. If some viscose fibers have a water absorption rate of up to 13%, while the synthetic fiber fabrics have poor moisture absorption, their shrinkage rate is small.
  2. The density of the fabric is different, and the shrinkage rate is also different. If the warp and weft densities are similar, the warp and weft shrinkage rates are also similar. The fabric with high warp density will shrink greatly in the warp direction. On the contrary, if the weft density is greater than that in the warp density, the shrinkage in the weft direction will be large.
  3. The thickness of the yarn count of the fabric is different, and the shrinkage rate is also different. Fabrics with coarse yarn counts have higher shrinkage rates, while fabrics with fine yarn counts have lower shrinkage rates.
  4. The shrinkage of fabrics varies with the production process. Generally speaking, in the process of weaving, dyeing and finishing, the fiber will be stretched for many times, the processing time is long, and the fabric with large applied tension will have a large shrinkage, otherwise it will be small.

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