Precautions of AATCC Electronic Crockmeter
June 13 , 2022

AATCC Electronic Crockmeter introduction:

1. Rubbing Crockmeter is a reciprocating linear motion of a standard length with a standard weight of a friction head at a standard frequency. When the set number of times is reached, the motor automatically stops running.

2. Mainly used in cotton, wool, linen, silk, knitting, printing and dyeing and other industries, as a test instrument for measuring the color fastness of various fabrics to dry and wet rubbing.

3. Standards compliant: BS 1006-D02, BS 4655, ISO 105 x 12/D02, AATCC 8/165, ASTM D6279, JIS L0849(type1)

Textile Rubbing Crockmeter Precautions:

1. Dry rubbing and wet rubbing cannot rub in the same place of the sample.

2. When grading, the place with the deepest stain should be used for grading.

3. If the material has multiple colors, multiple colors should be rubbed, and the one with the deepest stain will be used as the final result.

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AATCC Electronic Crockmeter

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