• Happy New Year
    Jan 01, 2024

    Happy New Year

    As the calendar turns to a brand new year, we would like to take a moment to extend our warmest wishes and heartfelt thanks to our valued customers. Thank you for your unwavering support, trust and cooperation over the past year. 2024 is full of new beginnings, new opportunities and exciting possibilities. At AVENO, we are excited to be on this journey with you as we continue to strive for excellence and provide exceptional solutions that meet your needs. As we enter a new chapter, we assure you of our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and excellent customer service. We are excited about the upcoming projects and collaborations, and look forward to making this year even more extraordinary for you. Wishing you and your loved ones a new year filled with joy, prosperity, and endless possibilities. May it bring new energy, inspiration and success to all your endeavors. Together, let’s embrace the opportunities ahead and make 2024 a truly extraordinary year. Thank you again for your continued trust and support. From all of us at AVENO, we wish you a happy, healthy and successful New Year. Cheers to a wonderful year! AVENO TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED
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  • Happy Labor Day
    Apr 28, 2023

    Happy Labor Day

    Dear, In keeping with the tradition of celebrating Labor Day on May 1st each year, our organization will be closed from April 30th to May 3nd, 2023. May Day is a global observance of workers' rights and achievements. We take this opportunity to thank all employees for their dedication and hard work in growing our organization. We believe your contribution is critical to our success and we are proud to have you as part of our team. We hope you have a happy and safe Labor Day, and we want to remind you to use this time to rest, relax, and spend quality time with your loved ones. Normal business operations will resume on Thursday, May 4, 2023. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, AVENO TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED If you have any needs during the holidays, please contact the following information: Sales Dept Tel: +86 15280858852 Email: Skype: Web:
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  • Happy 2023
    Jan 01, 2023

    Happy 2023

    The time of struggle always passes quickly, and we usher in a new year in the twinkling of an eye. On behalf of AVENO, we would like to extend our sincere greetings and New Year's greetings to our friends and families from customers all over the world who support our company, as well as to all employees and their families at this wonderful moment of farewell to the old and welcoming the new year and reunion of thousands of families! Best wishes! Happy New Year to all of you. We have had a great time cooperating in the past year, thank you for your care, I wish you and your family happy and your wishes come true! Congratulations on the new year, good luck. In the new year, we will unremittingly serve all customers with the spirit of AVENO, and provide high-quality and high-service laboratory testing equipment products. AVENO main production and sales include the following products: 1. Textile Testing Equipment 2. Footwear Testing Equipment
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  • Happy New Year 2022 Wishes
    Dec 31, 2021

    Happy New Year 2022 Wishes

    As each year comes to a close, it suddenly feels like the whole world gets a fresh start. New Year’s Eve and the days surrounding it have an air of excitement and new possibilities. After all, it’s not only the calendar year that changes, but many of us make goals for personal transformation as well. Ready to cheer on those around you? Pop, fizz, clink—let’s toast to the future and pour another drink! AVENO wishes you Happy New Year! It is time to forget the past and celebrate a new start. Happy New Year! May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Wishing you a joyous 2022!
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  • Calibration of 0.01g Precision Balance
    Oct 31, 2020

    Calibration of 0.01g Precision Balance

    Double row LCD display, front and rear two display screen. Durable stainless steel scale. Rechargeable battery, rechargeable battery. Weighing, peeling, counting, unit conversionRS232 data interface, linking computers and printers. Calibration of 0.01g Precision Balance (1) Calibration Requirements When distinct errors appeared in the weighing of balance, the balance shall be recalibrated to make weighing accurate. The recalibrated balance shall be placed on the stable working platform without the influences from the vibration of air current and strong electromagnetic wave. The calibration results will be more accurate 20 minutes later after the balance is operated. (2) Calibration Procedure One-point Calibration Turn on the balance it shall display the weighing mode as “0.00”, then press the “Cal” button until shows “CAL”, then release. Display blinkingly the stand weight value and then place same value standard weight; The “= = = = = =” will be displayed; then display stably weight value and remove weight.  then “= = = = = =” will be displayed. the “0.00” will be displayed;. The calibration is finished. Three-point Calibration Turn off the balance, then press the “Cal” button and turn on the balance simultaneously until the display shows “CAL”, then release. The calibration procedure shall be undertaken as blow: Display blinkingly the first point standard weight value then place the same value weight; Display stably weight value and then remove weight. The “= = = = = =” will be displayed; Display blinkingly the second point weight value and then place the same value weight; Display stably weight value and then remove weight. The “= = = = = =” will be displayed; Display blinkingly the third point stand weight value and then place the same value weight; Display stably weight value and then remove weight. The “0.00” will be displayed; the calibration is finished. AVENO Machine Recommend: AG27 0.01g Precision Balance Contact Us Now! Sales Dept Tel: +86 15280858852 Email: Skype: Web:
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  • Happy National Day
    Jul 31, 2020

    Happy National Day

    Hi Friends, October 1st is China’s National Day. Went to the National Day holiday in the country to celebrate this day, I hope you always happy. Happy National Day! Please kindly note we will have a one day holiday for the China’s National Day. We will go back to work on October 2nd. Best wishes. Thank you. Anything inquiry please contact us as below: AVENO technology co., ltd. Email: Our main products including: 1. Textile Testing Equipment (Fabric tester, Yarn tester, Fiber tester) Abrasion and pilling testing, tearing testing, bursting testing, flammability testing and etc. 2. Footwear Testing Equipment (including Shoe tester, Leather tester, Rubber tester) Flex and bending testing, impact testing, fatigue testing, aging testing, rubbing testing and etc.
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