Features of AVENO Martindale Abrasion & Pilling Tester
Sep 08, 2021

Martindale Abrasion & Pilling Tester is designed by absorbing the advantages of similar instruments at home and abroad. Its appearance is beautiful and generous, it adopts a touch-sensitive display screen, the interface is easy to understand, the operation is simple, and the microcomputer system uses two counting methods, intuitive and generous, easy to set, and multiple tasks. Test at the same time to improve test efficiency. The martindale pilling tester is also equipped with two kinds of Lissajous 24mm×24mm, 60.5mm×60.5mm motion trajectories and a variety of supporting accessories, which can adapt to a variety of test method standards.

Martindale Pilling Tester is suitable for testing the degree of pilling of fabrics such as GB/T4802.2, ASTM D4970, ISO12945-2, etc. The principle: the circular sample and the fabric of the same material are rubbed with the Lissajous pattern motion track under a given pressure. After reaching the specified number of revolutions, the fuzzing and pilling level of the sample is evaluated.

Martindale Abrasion Resistance Tester is also suitable for the abrasion resistance test of GB/T13775, ASTM D4966, ISO12947 and other fabrics. The principle: under a certain pressure, the circular fabric sample rubs against the standard abrasive according to the trajectory of the Lissajous curve, causing the sample to be damaged. The wear resistance of the fabric is represented by the number of times the sample is damaged. performance.

Main features of Martindale Abrasion Tester

  1. Touch liquid crystal display (LCD), English menu, simple and easy to understand interface, simple and intuitive operation.
  2. Using 32-bit cortex-m3 microprocessor, with strong anti-interference performance and fast data processing.
  3. The independent accumulated friction times, counting times and other parameters of each station are managed by the window. There are two modes of increment and decrement. After the predetermined number of times, you can choose to continue to accumulate or not to count;
  4. Brushless drive and motor, with stable and adjustable speed, and extremely low operating noise;
  5. Imported linear bearings reduce the frictional resistance of the guide rod and ensure that the grinding head keeps rotating during the friction process.

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