Structure and working principle of Colorfastness Rubbing (Gakushin) Tester
Jun 30, 2021

Gakushin Rubbing Tester

1. Power cable               2. Support bar                   3. Shaft                   4. Friction table           5. Base

6. Level the feet             7. Protective cover (optional part)                   8. Weight

9.Friction mallet, white cotton cloth clip                                             10. Sample holder      11. Control panel

Function description of Rubbing Color Fastness Tester

  1. Support bar: hold the raised friction arm when installing and removing the white cotton cloth and after the test is over
  2. Control panel: Including counter (test times can be set), start button, stop button, power switch
  3. Weight: connected to the friction hammer, can assist in reaching 500g load
  4. White cotton cloth clip: fixed white cotton cloth wrapped on the friction mallet
  5. Friction mallet: a certain weight, rub the sample after covering with white cotton cloth
  6. Friction table: R200 arc metal table, which can move forward and backward
  7. Sample holder: fix the strip sample so that the sample does not move during the test
  8. Protective cover (optional component): safety protection, to prevent injury to the operator, with access control switch, will stop the action after opening

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AC14 Color Fastness Rubbing Gakushin Type Tester

AC14 Color Fastness Rubbing Gakushin Type Tester

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