ICI Mace Snag Tester introduction
Mar 29, 2022

The main purpose of ICI Snagging Tester:

ICI Mace Snag Tester is used to detect the hook performance of garment knitted fabrics, woven fabrics and other fabrics easy to hook, as well as chemical fiber filament and its deformed yarn fabrics.

Application significance of ICI Textile Mace Snag Tester:

It can quickly detect the difficulty of fabric snagging under normal wearing conditions (that is, the yarn is hooked out of the fabric).


ASTM D3939, GB/T 11047, JIS L1058.

Test principle of Mace Snagging Tester:

The cylindrical sample is placed on the rotating drum, and the hammer suspended by the chain is placed on the surface of the sample. When the rotating drum rotates at a constant speed, the hammer randomly flips, jumps, and hooks the sample on the surface of the sample. After the specified number of revolutions, the degree of snagging of the sample is rated against the standard sample.

Technical parameter:

1. Testing Cylinder: Drum diameter: 82mm; drum length: 210mm;

2. Test speed: 60±2 r/min

3. Mace ball: Weight 160±10g, 11mace

4. Mace: Length 10±1, Tip radius R0.13mm

5. Felt thickness: 3-3.2mm, Width 165mm

6. Guide rod working width: 125mm

7. Distance between nail hammer and guide rod: 45mm

8. Counter: 0-9999

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Textile ICI Mace Snagging Tester

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