How to use Water Vapor Absorption Tester
Apr 18, 2022

Water Vapor Absorption Tester is used to measure the water vapor absorption properties of various leather, artificial leather and textile materials.

Test principle of Footwear Water Vapor Absorption Tester

After the impervious material is placed on the circular test piece, it is fixed on the opening of the metal container containing 50ml water. After a certain time, the water vapor absorption performance of the test material is evaluated by measuring the mass change of the circular test piece before and after the test.

Preparation of sample

1. Take a piece of test material, put it on the water platform of the cutting machine with the bottom up, and cut at least 3 circular test pieces at different positions in the area at least 50mm away from the edge of the material with a circular cutter with a diameter of 4.3cm.

2. Put the cut test piece into a standard environment with a temperature of 20±2°C and a relative humidity of 65±2%, and adjust it for 48 hours before testing.

Test operation of Water Absorption Tester

1. Take out one adjusted test specimen, weigh its mass M3 (mg), and weigh its mass with a balance accurate to 0.001g, accurate to 1mg

2. Measure the inner diameter of the cylindrical container with a vernier caliper, measure once in two mutually perpendicular directions, and then take the average value D (mm), accurate to 1mm.

3. Using a 1 mL graduated cup, measure at least 50 ml of distilled water and add distilled water to the measuring cup in the metal container.

4. Test the test piece with the test side facing down, place it on the opening of the cylindrical container, and then place a piece of impervious material, such as a rubber piece, then cover it and lock the upper ring (Note: Do not splash the water inside the container) On the bottom surface of the test piece.) Seal the test piece and press the stopwatch at the same time to record the test start time.

5. After the time set by the test, remove the impervious material, such as rubber sheet, take out the test piece, and quickly weigh the mass M4 (mg) in a balance accurate to 0.001. Accurate to 1mg.

6. Repeat the test piece for the rest of the test piece.

7. Calculate the water vapor absorption value of each test piece:

WVA=400*(M4-M3)/π*D²(mg/C㎡),Accurate to 0.1mg/c㎡

8. Issue a test report.

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