Testing method for air permeability of textiles
Mar 12, 2021

The production and production processes of textiles are relatively complicated. The clothing that people wear is actually transformed from cotton or yarn into fabric products after countless processes. Among them, there are hundreds of types of textile and clothing testing. For example, the testing of textiles includes testing items such as shrinkage, fading, water permeability, heat preservation..., etc. Here is a brief explanation of the test methods for testing the air permeability of textiles:

MethodAirPermeabbility, abbreviated as: MAP:

It means the performance of air permeating the fabric; under the specified pressure difference condition, measure the air flow rate vertically through a given area of the sample within a certain period of time, and calculate the air permeability. The airflow rate can be measured directly, or it can be calculated by measuring the pressure difference between the two sides of the flow aperture. This is the real breathability!

Test standard: American standard ASTM D737, European standard ISO 9237, Japanese standard JIS L1096;

The air permeability unit can be expressed in mm/s or cm3/cm2/s.

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